Economics Department

Placement Director
Professor Guillaume Frechette
(212) 992-8683

Graduate Administrator
Marjorie Lesser
(212) 998-8923


Job Market Candidates

    The list of job market candidates for 2014 will be posted in November. In the mean time, if you have any questions, you can contact Guillaume Frechette or Marjorie Lesser. Below you will find a history of recent placements.


    Students on the market: 16

    Minnesota (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Brown (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    2x Federal Reserve Board (Economist)
    Universidad de los Andes in Bogota (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    NYU Abu Dhabi (post-doctoral fellowship)
    IMF (Research Economist)
    Cornell (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Virginia (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Universidad Di Tella in Argentina (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    NYU Law School (Assistant Professor of Law)
    HEC/Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (post-doctoral fellowship, 2 years)
    WorldBank research department (Research Economist)
    UBC (Assistant Professor Economics)
    UCSD (Assistant Professor Economics)
    LSE (Assistant Professor Economics)


    Students on the market: 14

    Korean Advanced Institute for Science & Technology (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Peking University (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Analysis Group, Boston (Associate)
    York University (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Paris School of Economics (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    University of California/Riverside (Assistant Professor Economics)
    IMF (Research Economist)
    Wharton School of Finance (Assistant Professor of Finance)
    University British Columbia (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    University of Cambridge (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Washington University, Olin B. School (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Stanford GSB (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    University of Vienna (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Bilkent University (Assistant Professor of Economics)


    Students on the market: 23

    Columbia University Business School (Assistant Professor Economics)
    University of Oklahoma (Assistant Professor Economics & International & Areas Studies)
    Analysis Group, Boston (Associate)
    Shanghai U Finance & Economics (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Rochester Institute of Technology (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Analysis Group, Chicago (Associate)
    CarnegieMellon University (post-doctoral fellowship, 2 years)
    UniversitySouthern California (Assistant Professor Economics)
    European Central Bank (Economist)
    University of Vienna (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    3 x Federal Reserve Board (Economist)
    HEC, Paris (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    University of Oslo (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Yeshiva University (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    University College London (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Analysis Group, Boston (Associate Economist)
    Norwegian Business School, Finance Department (Assistant Professor of Finance &Economics)
    Bank of Mexico (Economist)
    University of California at Santa Barbara (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Assistant Professor Finance)
    IMF (Research Economist)


    Students on the market: 20

    McGill University, Canada (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (Research Economist & Assistant Policy Advisor)
    National Taiwan University (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Universidad Diego Portales, Chile (Assistant Professor Economics)
    New Economic School, Moscow (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Harvard Business School (Assistant Professor in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit)
    Barnard College (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Xiamen University (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Ozyegin University, Turkey (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Universityof Essex, England (Assistant Professor Economics)
    University of Southern California (Assistant Professor Economics)
    Cornerstone Research (Research Economist)
    Credit Suisse (Trading Strategist)
    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (Economist)
    Bergen Business School (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    Federal Reserve Board (Economist)
    University of Sydney Business School (Assistant Professor Finance)
    Tsinghua University (Assistant Professor Economics)
    University of Pittsburgh (Assistant Professor of Economics)
    PUC-Rio, Brazil (Assistant Professor of Economics)

    Selection from the Previous six Years:

    UCL, University of Michigan, University of Maryland, U. Penn, UCBerkeley, CalTech, University of Pittsburgh, Brown,Virginia, Columbia, Cornell, USC, UNC, Yale.