Economics Department

Placement Director
Professor Guillaume Frechette
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Graduate Administrator
Marjorie Lesser
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Job Market Candidates

    The list of job market candidates for 2014:


    Isaac Baley web page email CV
    Macroeconomics, Information, Monetary, International, Labor
    Paper: "Menu Costs, Uncertainty Cycles, and the Propagation of Nominal Shocks"
    Laura Veldkamp, Thomas Sargent, Mark Gertler,Lars Ljungqvist

    Julio Blanco web page email CV
    Macroeconomic, Development
    Paper: "Optimal Trend Inflation in Menu Cost Models with Zero Lower Bound"
    Virgiliu Midrigan , Ricardo Lagos, Mark Gertler, John Leahy

    Paolo Cavallino web page email CV
    International Macroeconomics and Finance, Macroeconomics, Finance
    Paper: "Capital Flows and Foreign Exchange Interventions"
    Mark Gertler, Xavier Gabaix, Thomas Philippon, Matteo Maggiori

    Alexander Coutts web page email CV
    Development Economics, Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics
    Paper: "Testing Models of Belief Bias: An Experiment"
    David Cesarini, Andrew Schotter, Hunt Allcott

    Tingting Ding web page email CV
    Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics, Financial Economics, Behavioral Economics
    Paper 1: "Securitization and Reputation"
    Paper 2: Matching and Chatting: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Network Communication on School- Matching Mechanisms"
    Andrew Schotter, Ennio Stacchetti, Alberto Bisin

    Ross Doppelt web page email CV
    Macroeconomics, Search, Growth, Time Series
    Paper: "The Hazards of Unemployment"
    Tom Sargent, Ricardo Lagos, Gianluca Violante

    David Evans web page email CV
    Macroeconomic Theory, Public Finance, Computational Economics
    Paper: "Optimal Taxation with Persistent Idiosyncratic Investment Risk"
    Thomas Sargent, Mike Golosov, Bryan Graham

    Bernard Herskovic web page email CV
    Financial Economics, Economic Theory, Macroeconomics
    Paper: "Networks in Production: Asset Pricing Implications"
    Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh,Alberto Bisin,Boyan Jovanovic,Hanno Lustig

    David Low web page email CV
    Applied Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Inequality
    Paper: "Mortgage Default with Equity"
    Raquel Fernandez, Gianluca Violante, Christopher Flinn

    Amnon Maltz web page email CV
    Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Decision Theory
    Paper: "Rational Choice with Category Bias: Theory and Experiments"
    Efe Ok, Pietro Ortoleva, Andrew Schotter

    Gaston Navarro web page email CV
    Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Fiscal Policy
    Paper: "Financial Crises and Endogenous Volatility"
    Ricardo Lagos, Mark Gertler, Thomas Sargent,Boyan Jovanovic

    Gilberto Noronha web page email CV
    Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Computational Economics
    Paper: "Marriage, Shared Leisure And Retirement"
    Gianluca Violante, Tim Cogley, Raquel Fernandez

    Emilia Soldani web page email CV
    Applied Micro, Development Economics
    Paper: "What Took You So Long? The Long-Run Effects of Public Kindergarten on Maternal Labor Supply and Earnings"
    Raquel Fernández, Debraj Ray, Daniela Del Boca

    Christopher Woolnough web page email CV
    Microeconomic Theory, Financial Economics
    Paper 1: "Multidimensional Uncertainty and Hypersensitive Asset Prices"
    Paper 2: "Persistent Liquidity Trade in the Presence of Many Informed Traders"
    Ennio Stacchetti, Tomasz Sadzik, Jaroslav Borovicka

    Jianhuan Xu web page email CV
    Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization and International Trade
    Paper: "Growing through Mergers and Acquisitions"
    Boyan Jovanovic, Gianluca Violante, Edouard Schaal

    Sevgi Yuksel web page email CV
    Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy, Experimental and Behavioral Economics
    Paper 1: "Specialized Learning and Political Polarization"
    Paper 2: "Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma"
    Debraj Ray, Guillaume Frechette, Alessandro Lizzeri


    Axelle Ferriere web page email CV
    Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy, Heterogeneity, Uncertainty
    Paper: "Sovereign Default, Inequality, and Progressive Taxation"
    Thomas Sargent, David Backus, Thomas Philippon, Stanley Zin